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Founded in 2003, Carolina Backline has been the greater Charlotte anchor for musical instrument rental. Growing from a small collection and a love music, the Taylor family grew 'CBC' into a professional and well respected backline company that everyone can count on. Ed, Deb, Ethan, and their dedicated team have worked stages and been alongside of some of the most well known artists, production companies, and festivals alike.

After 15 years, Ed turned over the reins of Carolina Backline to a team of experienced backine vendors and touring professionals. While there is a slightly new look with the 'new' Carolina Backline, the goal of new ownership is to maintain the respect & integrity that is expected from the friends and clients Ed grew with along the way.

Meet the new team

Bryan Akers
Managing Partner
owner Atlanta Backline Co., touring PM / SM

Tony Clarke
owner TC Ent., promoter, touring PM / TM

Jonathan James
owner Stage Right Prod., touring PM / SM

David Sanders
owner Rhythm Section Backline aka Charleston Backline Co.

Thanks to Ed Taylor

In early spring 2016 Ed answered the phone, 'Atlanta Backline, Charlotte Division'. I laughed as I normally do when talking to Ed as he's very easy going and always brings a smile to your face.

About a year later he did it again but this time we actually talked about what that could possibly look like. After assembling an all-star team and few weeks later, the four of us met with Ed and his son Ethan at a hibachi restaurant in Charlotte. We came to some loose terms, shook hands, and had a direction.

Another year, several documents, inventory discussions, and hi fives & hugs later, it all came to fruition. In mid October 2018, Carolina Backline officially changed ownership and we did our first show just a few days later.

I want to say thank you Ed. Thank you for your years of being both a colleague and a friend in this weird and wild industry. Thank you for the years of hard work you put in and for building such a refreshing network of people to work alongside with in Charlotte. Most of all, thank you for accepting us to carry the CBC torch into the future.

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